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Overcoming an Eating Disorder – Empowering Each Other | Brittany Lee

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Where to begin?
This one has so much in it! From overcoming an eating disorder, to reevaluating her life so she could be a positive role model for her child.
From getting dressed then skipping a 10-mile race due to fear, then while getting coffee, deciding to run 40 laps around a track out of anger. From throwing up during a marathon to building networks and communities to empower each other.
In today’s episode, we have a truly amazing badass, Brittany Lee, who has the courage to discuss the struggle that it takes to get yourself to the start of something new and turn your life around.
She also runs a blog with a similar name called, Stories from the Start which you need to check out!
This one is truly inspirational.
We’re gonna call it #storiesfromthestart #noexcuses… Let’s get to it.

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